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HOW TO install Open manage under ESX

Se procurer le fichier correspondant a votre distrib

je ne saurais que trop vous recommander le ftp de dell :

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Killing a frozen VM on a vSphere ESX host

Occasionally virtual machines (VMs) get stuck in a zombie state and will not respond to a power-off command using the traditional vSphere client power controls. Rebooting a host will fix this condition — but rebooting is usually not an option. Fortunately, there are a few methods for forcing the VM to shut down without rebooting the host.

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At VMworld this year during my Deploying VMware in a Linux Shop I demonstrated how to PXE boot VMware ESXi and automatically add it to Virtual Center. As promised a long time ago I’m finally documenting everything I did to get it to work. All of the work for this project was really done by an incredible engineer here at VMware named Lance Berc. I’m just putting some more step-by-step to it and making the process easier to find. Thanks, Lance for all of your work on this and the long night just before VMworld trying to troubleshoot issues!


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