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Configurer un Vmkernel avec les Jumbo ESXi

Il vous faut le Rcli d’installer

Une fois  l’esxi installé

Dans la console Rcli il faut exécuter les commandes suivantes

# ajout d’un virtual switch --url https://<ip de l’esx>/sdk/webService -a vSwitch1 --username root --password pass

# application du MTU a 9000 dans le Vswitch --url https://<ip de l’esx>/sdk/webService -m 9000 vSwitch1 --username root --password pass

#ajout d’un port group dans le virtual switch precedement créé --url https:// <ip de l’esx>/sdk/webService -A iSCSI1 vSwitch1 --username root --password pass

#ajout d’un vmkernel dans le port group precedement créé avec le mtu a 9000 --url https:// <ip de l’esx>/sdk/webService -a -i <ip-iscsi> -n <netmask> -m 9000 iSCSI1 –username root --password pass

resultat : Added the VMkernel NIC successfully


At VMworld this year during my Deploying VMware in a Linux Shop I demonstrated how to PXE boot VMware ESXi and automatically add it to Virtual Center. As promised a long time ago I’m finally documenting everything I did to get it to work. All of the work for this project was really done by an incredible engineer here at VMware named Lance Berc. I’m just putting some more step-by-step to it and making the process easier to find. Thanks, Lance for all of your work on this and the long night just before VMworld trying to troubleshoot issues!


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